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VIDEO: Lake Country man speaks out after alleged violent assault

The alleged assault took place at the Chevron at Hwy 97 and Glenmore Road
Kristian Newell shares to Facebook a photo of injuries sustained in a stranger attack at a Chevron in Lake Country on Sept. 11, 2022 (Kristian Newell/Facebook)

A Lake Country man has taken to Facebook to warn others after he was allegedly assaulted by strangers.

Kristian Newell says he went to the Chevron at Highway 97 and Glenmore Road around 1:20 a.m. on Sept. 11 to buy cigarettes.

Newell says while he was paying for his items a young couple behind him began pestering him.

“In the camera footage you can see them stepping up to me and you can see him actually shove his girlfriend into me,” Newell said about the security footage he obtained from the Chevron.

“It’s not until he comes up behind me and puts this cheese bun that he is pretending is his penis up to my back and he comes up and puts his finger on my shoulder that I turn around and I ask him to back up a bit, politely.”

Newell said the altercation escalated when he turned to leave the gas station as the male kicked him in the leg.

Security footage of the interaction then shows Newell pull his phone out to call 911 before the suspect head-butts him into the door.

Newell told Black Press the Chevron staff did not assist in the matter or call 911.

A witness to the altercation stepped in to separate the men in the doorway of the store.

Newell shared his side of the story on Facebook with a picture showing an alleged shoe print on his hand and blood on his face to warn others of stranger attacks.

Lake Country RCMP responded to the scene, but Newell says the suspects had fled by the time police arrived.

Black Press has reached out to the RCMP for comment.

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