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The new eye on news

A weekly column from Jim Taylor.

Coming home

A weekly column from Mel Wilde.

Artist talk at Lake Country Art Gallery

Destanne Norris speaks about her career as an artist and where she draws her inspiration from.

Islands in the sun

Mel Wilde shares his tropical experiences while cruising the high seas.

Someone to watch over me

Jim Taylor's weekly column.

New treatment for muscle and nerve pain

Weekly health column from Sun City Physiotherapy.

Working with temporary truths

A glossy, full-colour 52-page booklet landed in my mailbox the other day. It offered courses on everything from music appreciation to geology, from calculus to classical mythology.

Letters home

I guess there will always be a part of me that will remain a small boy yearning for adventure on the tropical seas. My mind will never forget how excited I used to get when I read the pages of Treasure Island and dreamed about those pirate ships hiding in secret coves with sandy beaches surrounded by mystical seas.

Gotta love those shoulders

As a physiotherapist I love a good discussion about joints, bones and muscles and in my opinion, there is no joint more interesting (and more frustrating) than the shoulder. It’s only when you injure your shoulder that you realize how crucial this joint is for completing even the most simple daily tasks.