Truth is not exclusive to any one religious belief

Truth is not exclusive to some church, mosque, synagogue or temple. Truth is applicable and accessible to all humanity.

To the editor:

Re: View On Religion, letter to the editor, March 15 Lake Country Calendar.

Truth is not exclusive to some church, mosque, synagogue or temple. Truth is applicable and accessible to all humanity. Truth is absolute, applicable to all, not at all affected by our beliefs. Truth cannot “make” anyone a “believer.”

Ancient and “holy” beginnings to thoughtful religious systems, no matter how convincing, and regardless of my best efforts to adhere to them, will never garner special favour with God. Acceptance to doctrines and teachings of religious systems may open entrance to that religion, it may even convince me that I am exclusive of other human beings but says nothing about truth or God for that matter.

God and the truth (unlike religious systems that become a breeding ground for abuse against the most vulnerable in our society) serve a high dignified view of humanity.

God and truth are not to be confused with institutions of religion that manifest dangerous behavioural ideologies and practise. God and truth are not the source of the ills of our society—people are, whether they physically attend a religious institution or not.

God and the truth should not be blamed for any institution that promotes wars and destruction. God and truth are our only hope for peace and harmony whether that peace can be achieved on the ground or in the heart.

God and the truth are no respecter of persons, they are the great equalizer of all humanity. God and the truth are available to all.

Religion has no monopoly on God and truth. Religious institutions such as churches, synagogues and mosques have no monopoly on God and truth. God alone has the monopoly on God and truth.

If the sign on religious buildings should read: “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here” then it can be argued that such a sign should hang over the doors of many buildings including businesses, schools and homes.

There are many religious buildings which claim to have no religious affiliation or belief in God, yet by nature of their inhabitants’ quest for peace, require a greater commitment to rigid religious disciplines and a stronger faith in themselves or mysterious forces outside of themselves, than those who happen to attend religious buildings.

All things considered, we all need to look in the mirror and take responsibility for the damage we have done to hope, but let’s be easy on God and the truth. Religion aside, there ought to be a sign over our heart that says “Hope has Entered Here” and it came through my belief in and relationship with God and the Truth.

With God and the truth leading the way, hope will regenerate religious buildings, war-mongering countries, divided communities, abusive institutions and even cynical people.

Rev. Lance Duncalfe,

Winfield Community Church