Former MP Ron Cannan. - Image: Carli Berry/Capital News

Former MP Ron Cannan. - Image: Carli Berry/Capital News

Letter: Voting for change is not rational

Former Conservative MP Ron Cannan, Sharron Simpson write to support Liberals

To the editor:

As long-term residents of Kelowna-Lake Country, we are writing today to express our support for Norm Letnick. It is our intention, as both constituents and citizens of this province, to vote for Norm, and share our belief that the BC Liberal party and their policies, best serve and deal most effectively with the our province’s various needs.

The BC Liberal Party is mainly a coalition of Federal Conservative, Liberal and former Social-Credit supporters. It is a coalition of free-enterprisers who agree on many issues, including that the BC Liberals can most effectively represent us in this election.

Over the past few weeks we have met with various party candidates, thanked them for making our democracy work better, and commended them all for putting themselves forward to serve BC.

However, given the challenges facing our province, the sense of uncertainty so prevalent today, and upon considering the various party policies, we strongly believe that Norm, Steve and Christy, as the Liberal party candidates in this area, can best provide the stability, the certainty, and the policies to ensure that BC continues to be the most secure, economically viable, and vibrant province in Canada.

Protest votes have their place in the democratic process, and voting for change is a mantra without a rational debate behind it. Please take a few minutes out of your busy lives to get out and vote in this election!

Sharron Simpson (Federal Liberal Supporter)

Ron Cannan, P.C. (Federal Conservative Supporter)

BC Votes 2017