Letter: ‘Very dangerous’ to accept all ‘classifications’ of people

This very minority group, the LGBT…will always be recognized as not the norm in this great Canada of ours.

Open letter to Alistair Waters:

Dearest Alistair: Your column Kelowna Still Has a Colouful Red Neck (Aug. 12 Kelowna Capital News) was very interesting. It sincerely showed your concern for the minority groups here in Kelowna.

However, please remember, they are definitely in the minority in our Christian influenced society, and always will be.

Your mother will want you to remember that she, along with her mate, brought you to this Earth. An action of love and human creation of their offspring.

This very minority group, the LGBT, as many other minority groups, are fighting very hard for acceptance, but they will always be recognized as not the norm in this great Canada of ours.

As far as the statement made by the City Hall elected representatives, a statement accepting every classification of humanity is very dangerous. As I read this all-inclusive foolishness, my heart went out to all the types and genders existent in our Jehovah created universe, that want to be included in this offer by our local elected persons. People like the ultra rich, extremely poor, robbers and thieves (because of their need for food and furniture and a place to live).

We must recognize the various classes of humans, however, we do not need to celebrate the differences with parades, colourful flags, paint, etc. In return, Christians must not force their beliefs down the throats of LGBT, and other religious groups, in respect for their desires. We will just continue to pray for all humans, that all will get the love and recognition that is available to them, as they qualify for, in their daily Earthly journey and on into their life hereafter, where there will be no need for this type of discussion. We will all be classified individually by that great, loving, sacrificial Lamb.  The ultimate Creator who created Adam and Eve for His companionship, who instructed them to be “fruitful and multiply.”

E. Barry Patterson, Kelowna