Letter: Trudeau unmasked with push, shove

Let not the general public or news media make light of…Trudeau's fiasco.

To the editor:

When I turned to CPAC, I was sure someone had died in the  House of Commons as MPs were leaving their seats in droves.

But when they replayed the incident—surely not a brawl in Parliament.

Exactly that. Prime Minister Trudeau left his seat, strode uncontrollably, jacket flailing, across the aisle. He grabbed Gordon Brown [Ontario Conservative MP] by the arm and, in blind anger, elbowed Ms. Brosseau [Quebed NDP MP ] and pushed Mr. Brown into position for the upcoming vote.

The language, we were told, was not only unparliamentary but vulgar—not becoming of a Prime Minister.

I had seen the anger in Trudeau’s eyes escalate for more than a week, and even verbalized it saying surely someone on the government side will slue in to w here this is heading and constrain him.

HIs anger and his actions were visibly out of control, but no one had the nerve to intervene. He was on an uncontrollable mission saying: “Get the f–k out of my way.”

As well, we are informed by other MPs in interviews, hat his actions in the House when the cameras aren’t on him are childlike and immature: making faces, using profanity and sticking out his tongue to those across the aisle.

Let not the general public or news media make light of what, until Trudeau’s fiasco, has never happened in our country’s history. It cannot be rationalize away or excused in any way shape or form. [Editor’s note: Actually there have been several incidents of both unparliamentary language and near violence in Canada’s House of Commons; Toronto Sun 19 May, 2016.]

Some people are suggesting that to talk about this incident does a disservice to victims of violence. How so? Yes, we have bullies in schoolyards, violence in our streets, sexual assault happens, but surely we expect more of our elected prime minister.

No excuses will nullify what he did.

A PM needs to be in control of his emotions for whatever comes his or her way, be it war or recession, take control with dignity, put aside self and party, and step to the plate and be ready to keep Canada and Canadians safe.

Trudeau has, within less than nine months in power, showed his true colours and made his defining moment in history. What a shame.

Gertrude Sawatzky, Kelowna