Letter: No vote would mean loss of ‘something we can all be proud of’

There will always be no sayers on [Lake Country rail corridor purchase] especially if they can see a financial benefit to them…

To the editor:

If the residents of Lake Country do not support the yes vote we will lose the opportunity to have one of the best trails in the country stretching from Kelowna to Coldstream and be the envy of everyone in Canada and something that we can all be proud of. It would be not only for use by local residents but one of the cleanest tourist attraction in the Okanagan.

If you do not want to see mega homes on the east shore of Wood Lake then you must support the yes vote. There will always be no sayers on this subject especially if they can see a financial benefit to them, whether it be existing land owners or speculators from out of town who have no vested interest in the community of Lake Country other than financial gain.

I have been a resident of Lake Country for the past 34 years I probably will not benefit or get much use of the trail but a yes vote will ensure that my children and grandchildren will be the net benefactors, plus the tourist trade and the community as a whole.

The Okanagan Indian Band has commenced legal action claiming a portion of the trail along Kalamalka Lake—please do not let this influence your decision as I do not believe they will be successful with their claim.

Voting yes will ensure that we have secured one of the most beautiful trails in Canada.

George Swarchuk, Lake Country