Letter: Canada Day short on enthusiasm

…the crowd participation [singing O Canada] left me feeling no one wanted to stop eating long enough to sing.

To the editor:

These past few weeks we have been blessed to have Wales participating in the European National football championships, The Euro. Such pleasure in watching them play but even more in hearing the Welsh sing their melodic national anthem, from street corners in France to trams and before and during the games. But wherever they are they sing with such pride and joy.

Skip to Canada Day in Prospera Place, where we gather in Kelowna to celebrate. While the lady chosen to sing our anthem was very good, the crowd participation left me feeling no one wanted to stop eating long enough to sing. Where is the enthusiasm for our great country? The walls should have been vibrating.

I feel part of the problem is the contingent on the stage, designated as ‘dignitaries,’ mainly a group of our elected officials. It’s not their day. They are not celebrities who warrant centre stage year after year but employees of the local citizens, who can walk about and mingle like the rest of us. How spine-tingling is a “Is everyone celebrating?” scream from a politician?

What we need are a few local residents, from all spheres, to say a few words and a local musician—there are many—who can work the crowd up into an enthusiastic rendition of O Canada.


Don Henderson, Kelowna