(Regional District of Central Okanagan/Contributed)

(Regional District of Central Okanagan/Contributed)

Watch out for bears in parks: Regional District of Central Okanagan

With the fall season comes ripening fruit, which can attract bears to parks

As fall comes to the Central Okanagan, expect bear sightings to increase in the next little while.

The Regional District of Central Okanagan’s (RDCO) communications officer Bruce Smith said regional parks staff and visitors see more bears during this time of the year.

“As sightings and evidence of their presence rise, we post signs in affected parks identifying that bears may be active in the area,” he said in a statement.

“If possible, visitors should travel in a group and make some noise to alert any bears to your presence. As the fall Kokanee salmon spawning season ramps up, visits may encounter bears bulking up on this food source in local creeks and streams.”

The RDCO is encouraging park visitors to raise their bear awareness at this time to prevent any encounters.

“Bears can be aggressive, especially when defending their food or their cubs.”

People visiting parks and creeks with their dogs are also reminded to keep their pets leashed and to walk on trails at all times to avoid dangerous wildlife encounters.

If you see a bear at a park or at a local creek, make sure to give it plenty of space and stay away from it.

More information on how to keep yourself safe in parks and in your neighbourhood is available through the WildSafeBC website.

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