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Tree falls dangerously close to Vernon home

Second time in a year senior couple have had a close call

Betty Ackerman had just finished doing yard work when only a couple hours later a tree came crashing down right where she had been.

A large willow on the opposite side of a creek in their back yard fell sometime later that morning Thursday, June 23.

“We are lucky,” said Ackerman, 74. “We weren’t home, but the neighbour heard it.”

Thankfully it didn’t hurt anyone, and it narrowly missed their 24th Avenue home.

“It just hit the edge of the house a bit, we are lucky it didn’t hit more,” said Ackerman.

She and her husband haven’t lived in town very long, but this is the second time this has happened and they don’t think it will be the last.

With a creek behind the complex there are a number of large willow trees on the opposite bank. But the Ackermans say there are least five others they can see that appear to be rotting.

They’ve reached out to the City of Vernon for help, but have been told it is Crown land.

The complex strata said it will get the tree cleaned up, but that means residents will end up footing the bill.

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A large willow tree fell dangerously close to a Vernon home Thursday morning. (Betty Ackerman photo)

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