Slide spills on to roadway

Slide spills on to roadway

Spring went from a trickle to a raging torrent just north of Vernon Friday.

Just before noon, rolling water began consuming the bank adjacent to The Castle at Swan Lake on Greenhow Road.

“All of the rain turned it on,” said resident Keith Law of a traditionally small creek that fuelled the slide.

As the water cascaded, the bank was consumed, sending large rocks and mud on to Greenhow Road. Most of the water eventually spilled into a ditch and then into a culvert under Highway 97, but some water did make its way on to the highway.

Crews from JPW road maintenance were kept busy picking up the debris and tossing it into dump trucks.

Closely watching the situation was staff at The Castle at Swan Lake.

“It’s just down from us,” said Jacqueline Brooks, hotel manager.

“It looks like they’ve pretty much got it under control,” said Brooks.

Law believes the raging water was a result of a culvert next to his driveway being plugged although he had cleaned up the area Wednesday.

He has owned the property since 1993.

“We had a problem like this in 1994,” he said.

While water was shifting across his driveway, Law wasn’t concerned about losing access to his property.

“It’s nature,” he said.

Greenhow Road was closed as the debris was removed but was reopened to traffic at about 1 p.m.


Slide spills on to roadway