UPDATE: Four-year sentence in violent Kelowna break and enter

UPDATE: Four-year sentence in violent Kelowna break and enter

Trio broke into a condo at the Verve and started wreaking havoc

Update: 4:45 p.m.

Alexander Laramee has been sentenced to four years in prison for his role in a violent break and enter at the Verve condo complex in 2015.

Laramee was sentenced on Tuesday afternoon at the Kelowna court house.

In addition he was handed a 10-year prohibition on owning a fire arm and must submit a DNA sample.

The 23-year-old will receive credit for time served of 7-and-a-half months meaning his sentence equates to 40 months and 15 days, said Judge Heather MacNaughton.

MacNaughton told Laramee she believed a prison term was required in this case given his level of violence on the night of the home invasion, even he did not use a weapon, and the fact he also confined and terrorized the two women.

But she said a number of mitigating circumstances lead her to not go with Crown’s request for a sentence of between seven and nine years, including the fact he did not attempt to flee the scene, was compliant with police when arrested, had no criminal record, did not plan the home invasion, was not aware it was going to happen when he joined the two other men he was with that night and did not buy the mask or gloves he wore during the home invasion.

The defence had asked for a sentence of time served plus probation.

The judge also said Laramee had complied totally with the all the provisions of his bail while out of custody and while currently unemployed, did have a job prior to his arrest and is currently in a steady relationship.

“The offences you committed are serious,” MacNaughton told Laramee in court Tuesday. “”But I believe you are truly sorry and I think you can go on to lead a productive life.”


One of the men behind a 2015 break and enter at the Verve condo complex in Kelowna could spend nine years in prison or walk away from court a relatively free man.

Alexander Laramee was found guilty in July of six charges related to a violent incident Nov. 21, 2015 that left two people injured, and traumatized.

Laramee was one of three who entered a condo with the intent to rob its residents of what they believed would be a significant amount of money and pot.

There were two women and a man in the home when they arrived and shortly after entering the home, Laramee’s partner started an altercation with the male resident and Laramee started to repeatedly punch one of the women in the face.

Nobody sustained life threatening injuries.

Crown counsel said Laramee had no prior criminal record, and was young at the time of the incident, but the severity of the crime warranted a sentence of seven to nine years of incarceration, less 217 days served.

His defence lawyer argued for time served and probation, noting that Laramee was not the ring leader of the crime and committed the act because he was fearful of his partner. He also is remorseful and ashamed.

A lengthy sentence, he argued, would destroy his life.

Laramee was convicted of two charges of break and enter to commit an indictable offence, assault with a weapon, assault, disguising one’s face with the intent to commit an offence, unlawful confinement or imprisonment, willfully resisting or obstructing a peace officer Nov. 21, 2015.

He was expected to be sentenced late Tuesday afternoon. Check kelownacapnews.com for an update to this story.