Prepare for flooding caused by spring runoff and rain

Property owners are responsible for having a plan as well as the tools and equipment necessary to protect their properties.

Central Okanagan waterfront property owners and those living near creeks, streams and low lying areas should consider steps to protect their property and reduce the risk of flooding.

Seasonal temperatures and rain showers are increasing flows and levels of water bodies throughout Lake Country and the Central Okanagan. A sudden prolonged warm spell combined with heavy rains could increase the risk of above average creek levels and potential flooding.

Local governments and the BC Ministry of Environment are monitoring water levels and weather conditions connected to the annual spring runoff and if needed will issue further notices.

Property owners adjacent to creeks, streams and lakes are responsible for having a plan as well as the tools and equipment necessary to protect their properties from possible flood damage.

Stockpiles of sandbags are available at all local fire halls throughout the Central Okanagan. At this time, property owners are responsible for providing their own sand to fill the bags. Information and pamphlets on flood preparedness including a recommended method for sandbag diking are available from the Regional District of Central Okanagan office (1450 KLO Road) and the main City of Kelowna fire hall on Enterprise Way as well as on the Be Prepared page of the Regional District Emergency Program website and on the Emergency Management BC website:

With expected warmer temperatures and melting of the snowpack, the level of area creeks will be rising and water will flow faster. Please use caution around all local water bodies. People are reminded that water levels may rise unexpectedly and they and their pets should stay safely back from creek banks, which may be slippery or subject to erosion from the spring runoff.

In the event of an emergency and activation of the Central Okanagan Emergency Operation Centre (EOC), the latest information will be available online at the EOC Public Information website: