Booster Juice at Cherry Lane mall.

Penticton Booster Juice finds kindness from community after abuse over mask policy

Owner thankful to people coming in offering words of support

Just when things couldn’t look up, Penticton Booster Juice found the kindness they were asking for from local community members.

“Things have been better for our staff and myself. Some staff have received super generous tips from customers,” said Amanda Lysohirka, co-owner of Penticton’s Booster Juice stores.

“Myself and my business partner, John have received emails, private messages and comments on the news article with words of encouragement and praise which I have taken screenshots of and will be sharing it with all the staff as they deserve the credit,” Lysohirka told the Western News.

“We have customers coming in for their first time ever, checking in on the staff to make sure no customers are berating the staff. They also tell us they appreciate the mask policy and buy a smoothie just to support us. The staff said it’s been wonderful having the support and kindness of others, it’s been a great turnaround.”

“We still have a few angry customers every day, but the staff say the praise is far greater than the negative customers,” she added.

The first week or so went fairly smoothly after the policy of requiring masks for staff and customers was instituted, Lysohirka said Aug. 13.

After that first week passed, however, the situation quickly deteriorated, to the point that people have ripped their signs off the walls, thrown things at and spit on staff, and more.

Despite many accommodations being made to make it convenient for those who can’t wear a mask, there were still some people looking for a confrontation, such as one man who tossed the debit-card reader and punched down the sign after hurling shouted abuse to the 16-year-old working at the counter, before walking out of the store.

There is currently an open file with the RCMP.

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Last week, Lysohirka asked for a little kindness to go a long way for her young staff.

“Just be kind,” said Lysohirka last week. “I’m not looking for sympathy, just a reminder of understanding, and kindness.”

She now says thank you to Penticton for showing the true spirit of this city.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said.

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