Garbage litters Gillard Forest Service Road. Image: Kane Blake

Garbage litters Gillard Forest Service Road. Image: Kane Blake

Okanagan Forest Task Force called to illegal dump site on forest road

The dump site was reported on Gillard Forest Service Road, Monday

Members of the Okanagan Forest Task Force (OFTF) were called up to Gillard Forest Road after reports of an illegal dump site.

President of OFTF, Kane Blake attended the scene Monday afternoon (Dec. 7) and said there was a large pile of debris, in the view of several homes.

“It looks like two big separate loads. There were lots of concrete and garbage bags, which had mail in it and we got a name and address out of it,” explained Blake.

Volunteers with OFTF usually go into the backcountry to clean up illegal dumpsites; however, this time Blake said he is working to have the person allegedly responsible for discarding the garbage clean it up themselves.

According to Blake, garbage was strewn for about 100 metres down the road.

“Apparently, a few weeks ago there was another huge pile in this same spot,” he said.

OFTF started in 2016 and is a non-profit made up of outdoor enthusiasts who care about the environment.

Earlier this year, the cleanup crew removed 29,100 pounds of scrap metal and 8,311 pounds of illegally dumped garbage in the Postill Lake Road area for a total of 37,411 pounds, making it one of the largest cleanups in OFTF history.

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