New subdivision making its way through Lake Country approval process

District staff taking a look at intersection of Chase and Glenmore roads as council gives its approval

District staff have begun an internal review of intersections in Lake Country including the corner of Chase and Glenmore Roads, near the site of a planned new subdivision that continues to make its way through the approval process at Lake Country municipal hall.

Lake Country council approved a rezoning application for the proposed new subdivision at its regular meeting on May 6, voting unanimously to send the proposal into the district’s subdivision approval process.

Residents had packed Lake Country council April 1 expressing concerns with an increase in traffic if the 30 new lots were approved in the area, near the southern border of Lake Country, along Glenmore Road.

One of the main issues raised was traffic coming into the subdivision which currently only has one entranceway.

“As part of the subdivision approval process the items (raised by the public) will be reviewed,” said Lake Country planner Mark Koch. “The district is doing a fairly high level review on some key intersections to provide a technical review.”

The district is in the early stages of its review of intersections and the corner of Glenmore and Chase road will be looked at as part of the subdivision approval process. Staff have begun pulling crash records from the intersection as part of the process.

Koch says most of the questions raised by the public will be addressed by staff as they work with the developer in the subdivision approval process.

“We will work with the professionals to get the right design put in place,” he said. “Staff have met with the applicant group and and those questions will all be put on the table to review.”

The district’s engineering and operations department reviewed a number of the issues raised from the public hearing and had the following comments:

•A Traffic Safety Review will be required for the intersection of Chase and Glenmore Roads; findings

of the review may identify options for off‐site improvements at this location.

•Roadway improvements on the Glenmore Road frontage will be in keeping with the requirements

of the subdivision and development servicing bylaw.

•A six meter wide emergency access lane is to be located near the south‐west extent of the

proposed subdivision.

The next step in the process is for the developer to apply to the district to move into the subdivision approval process. That step will be dealt with at the staff level and the proposal will not come back to district council.