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Nearly $30K raised for Lake Country ‘spitfire’ battling illness

Donations pour in to support Nicholls family after baby girl admitted to hospital with leg pain
Rylie Nicholls of Lake Country was admitted to Kelowna General Hospital after an onset of leg pain that quickly worsened. A GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly $30,000 in three days to support the Nicholls family in the youngster’s medical battle. (GoFundMe photo)

The community is throwing its support behind little Rylie Nicholls of Lake Country.

More than $28,000 has been raised in three days to support the “little spitfire” who was admitted to Kelowna General Hospital after a recent onset of leg pain that quickly worsened.

After an onslaught of tests, doctors determined Nicholls was demonstrating markers for cancer, GoFundMe campaign organizer Tiffany Jones-Waite wrote.

She was transported to BC Children’s Hospital on July 15 for further testing.

“Rylie likely has a tumour that has yet to be located,” Jones-Waite wrote. “She continues to undergo tests like the little warrior she is.

“If you have had the utter pleasure of meeting Rylie, then you know how this funny, sweet, feisty lady is going dukes up into this fight.”

The Nicholls – parents Toni and Matt and brother Cameron – are by her side “ready to tackle whatever comes next,” and to ease the stresses of financial obligations, the GoFundMe campaign was launched.

More than 170 donors have answered the call so far, sending donations – big and small and from as far as the UK – to support the family.

To learn more or read about Rylie Nicholls’ journey, visit and search for Nicholls Family Fundraiser.

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