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Morning Start: Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn

Your morning start for Friday, May 14, 2021

Good morning and happy Friday! We’re in for some lovely weather this weekend — 24 C today, 27 C tomorrow and 29 C on Sunday!

Fun fact: Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn

Scotland is no stranger to folklore and mythical creatures. The country is home to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, the world-renowned fabled beast.

Surprisingly enough, the country’s legendary loch dweller wasn’t selected as its national animal. That honour instead went to the unicorn, the mythical horse-like creature who has a large single-horn spiraling from its forehead.

According to visitscotland.com, the unicorn was a symbol of purity, innocence, masculinity and power in Celtic mythology. The reason why this enchanting beast was selected to represent Scotland may be due to the “tales of dominance and chivalry associated with the unicorn.”

“Unicorns have been linked to Scotland for centuries,” states the website. “While the animal is mythological, the ideals it represents are what make it a perfect fit as the national animal for Scotland, and because like this proud beast — Scots would fight to remain unconquered.”

The unicorn first appeared on the Scottish royal coat of arms in the 12th century, which was added on by William I. Gold chains featuring images of the unicorn on them emerged when King James III was in power in the 15th century. The Scottish Royal Arms had two unicorns supporting a shield under the reign of James VI of Scotland in 1603.

“The unicorn was believed to be the strongest of all animals — wild and untamed, and that it could only be humbled by a virgin maiden. It is possible that the entrapment symbolises the power of the Scottish kings — they were strong enough to tame even a unicorn,” states the website.

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