An example of what one-half of the Lake Country 20th Anniversary Mural Project could look like

An example of what one-half of the Lake Country 20th Anniversary Mural Project could look like

Lake Country 20th anniversary mural project unveiled

Paint, paint, paint. Art commission calls for the public to join forces and help paint large mural for district's 20th anniversary

Residents of Lake Country will be asked to take part in a community art project that will culminate with a large, two part mural on the south-side of the Winfield Memorial Hall to be unveiled later this year.

Representatives of the Lake Country Art Commission presented the plan for the community’s 20th Anniversary Mural Project to council last week and called for the community to step forward and help paint the anniversary mural.

The mural will be put together in two parts and with two Lake Country artists creating unique works that will come together as one. Key to the project is going to be community participation as one side of the mural will be a mosaic pattern, made up of 480 small panels, that will be re-constructed in a scenic image of Lake Country.

“We invite the whole community to come out and paint.” said Petrina McNeill of the Lake Country Art Gallery. “This project is possible only with collaboration. This is going to be a monumental mural. There will be many opportunities to paint. Everyone can do this. You don’t have to be an artist. We’re going to arrange several painting events and will offer major painting sessions where all the paint will be supplied.”

The two sides of the mural—48 feet wide and 24 feet tall when complete—will mesh together and merge into one larger creation. One side will be a montage of signs from around the community of Lake Country and will be painted by Lake Country artist Rose Braun to form a colourful montage. The other half of the mural will the scenic image of Lake Country painted by local artist Chris Malmkvist.

Malmkvist’s creation will be pixelated and divided into many small pieces that the public can paint. Then it will be re-assembled as part of the larger mural.

The mural project is planned to be done by May to coincide with the district’s 20th anniversary since it officially incorporated as a municipality.

“We wanted something that citizens could relate to but at the same time would be unique and having a lasting interest,” said McNeill. “The south side of Winfield Memorial Hall is a wonderful site, the sight lines are good. It’s the centre of the community and we think it’s a great location.”

District Coun. Rob Geier said it’s going to be a uniquely Lake Country mural.

“I think selecting local artists and using local people is great,” said Geier. “In the end this is going to be an amazing piece of art and something Lake Country residents can be proud of.

If people are interested in painting the one side of the mural, e-mail