Kelowna winery’s augmented reality labels a first in Canada

The View Winery will bring the label alive

Move over cheese, wine has a new pairing with augmented reality (AR).

The View Winery in Kelowna has added augmented reality labels to their bottles that can be activated by iPhones and smart phones. Once scanned, the label’s red shoe comes alive with a fun pick-up line and some information on the wine.

“It’s good for a chuckle and sharing with friends,” said View president Jennifer Turton-Molgat.

“Isn’t that what wine is supposed to be all about?”

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The augmented reality labels have been added to 10 different wines with separate pick-up lines for all which adds to the humour that The View looks to add to their brand.

“Some (pickup lines) are pretty clever, others are a little corny, but they’re all tasteful. And the wine information that follows can be quite useful.”

While Australia’s 19 Crimes wine was the first wine in Canada with AR labels, The View is the first Canadian winery to use the technology.

The View’s free app needs to be downloaded in order to scan the wine’s labels.

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