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Kelowna airport checks the tarmac: Debris, garbage and bears

A foreign object debris walk marked the end of safety week at YLW
One woman found some wood along the YLW ‘apron’ (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

Staff at the Kelowna airport walked the airline’s apron, searching for trash and marking the end of safety week.

Canadian Airports Safety Week, led by the Canadian Airports Council, is an airport-led initiative to promote healthy and safe work practices among airport employees and partons.

YLW staff put on safety vests and took to the tarmac on Sept. 16 to demonstrate the importance of regular Foreign Object Debris (FOD) walks.

Phillip Elchitz, Senior Manager, Airport Operations, YLW, said that although the tarmac checks are mandated every 12 hours, Kelowna staff have boots on the ground, checking for FOD, every six hours.

Typically they find bits of construction debris, airplane parts, pieces of broken luggage, and garbage.

Sometimes wildlife interferes with airline operations.

“A baby bear actually climbed our ten-foot fence, with barbed wire, and got onto the airfield,” said Elchitz.

The bear was quickly removed by the wildlife program.


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