ICBC trumpets nearly $400,000 spent on road improvements in Kelowna area last year

New high visibility STOP signs in Lake Country among the projects ICBC touting

The District of Lake Country received a small piece of a series of road improvement projects totaling $400,000 that ICBC says it completed last year in the Kelowna area.

ICBC said it contributed about $4,000 for the replacement of 100 stop signs to higher visibility diamond grade sheeting in Lake Country.

The money was part of a larger series of projects in and around Kelowna and its neighboring communities.

Roundabouts, new crosswalks and designated turning lanes are the types of road improvement projects ICBC invested in B.C. last year to help make roads safer for everyone, including pedestrians and cyclists.

According to an ICBC press release, In 2013, ICBC invested approximately $396,000 in 21 road improvement projects to help make Kelowna and area roads safer for everyone, including drivers and pedestrians.

All proposed road improvement projects are assessed based on their ability to make roads safer.

A recent evaluation by ICBC concluded that over a two year time period, overall, for every dollar invested, ICBC and its customers see a return rate of five times the investment. More importantly, the benefits of road improvements can continue well beyond two years.

The evaluation found that following a project’s implementation, there is on average, a 20 per cent reduction in severe crashes and a 12 per cent reduction in property damage crashes