Brian Rogers is the Kelowna-Lake Country candidate for the People's Party of Canada. (Contributed)

Election 2021: Brian Rogers — PPC candidate for Kelowna-Lake Country

Brian Rogers is an electrician who has lived in the Kelowna area most of his life

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My name is Brian Rogers, I am the People’s Party of Canada candidate for the riding of Kelowna – Lake Country.

I have lived in this valley since the early ’70s. I went to primary and secondary school here and my post-secondary education was in Kelowna as well. I met my wife here and my two children grew into adults here. This valley is my home. I have watched politicians make their own lives better and do nothing for the Canadian citizen.

Life is much harder — our living standard is dropping. We used to be able to have a home and family on one income. Now, it takes two full-time working adults to maintain a household — barely. I believe passionately in our legal constitution — today, largely being ignored or abused.

Over the last 30 years, I have studied our constitution; I have become familiar with legal precedent and am outraged at what is happening in our system. The regular person needs a voice. I’d like to be that voice.

How do you plan to lead this riding out of the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you support the implementation of a proof of vaccination program?

COVID is going to be with us, whether we like it or not. We are going to have to find ways to live with it. However, shutting businesses down is not the answer.

It destroys the local economy. Also, why are business owners forced to waste more resources on enforcing something that is not their job?

My question for everyone out there is If the vaccine works, great. Why should anyone that is vaccinated have a problem around unvaccinated people? Are they not protected? Does that not make vaccine passports worthless?

Over the last two months, I believe everyone has now heard from doctors and scientists that vaccinated people can carry the virus and spread it as well. Then if It doesn’t work, why get vaccinated. Don’t you think that ALL people should wait until the trials are over in 2023 so that we can have informed consent?

Can you name one recommendation from the TRC Calls to Action and any concrete plans to implement the recommendation if you are elected?

The PPC platform on Indigenous issues is fairly straight forward and I have no doubt that The Calls to Action will be a prominent subject. I have spoken with a number of Indigenous people and they are having the same difficulty as the rest of Canadians. No accountability with their leadership. That barrier must be broken from both sides before any meaningful dialogue can happen. That will be a hard-fought process but I know PPC is willing to take that to task.

What are your personal ideas regarding climate change and how do you plan to represent your riding’s specific interests in this regard, for example, wildfires and extreme drought?

We reject the climate alarmists’ views on the subject. The climate has always been changing. Back in the ’70s, we were heading for the next ice age. The ’80s was Acid rain. Then we had ozone layer ’90s, global warming 2000s and now because it cant be figured out climate change. You really have to stop and think about whats has been happening even during the past five decades. The best plan is on our platform.

Which Canadian political figure, past or present, inspires you the most and why?

Maxime Bernier. No other political figure I know has been willing to step away from the corruption of the political parties and make the attempt to bring accountability back to government.

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