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ELECTION 2014: Close to 200 residents cast ballots in first of two advance polls in Lake Country

District of Lake Country: Advance polling on Wednesday brought several hundred out to cast ballots in advance of Nov. 15 election day

The first day of advance voting in Lake Country saw 191 people stopping by Lake Country Municipal Hall to cast their vote for mayor and council on Wednesday. That's 2 per cent of the estimated 9,315 eligible voters in Lake Country.

In the 2011 local government election 504 people cast their votes early during two advance voting days.

The next advance voting opportunity for this election is scheduled for Wednesday, November 12, 2014  (8:00 am – 8:00 pm) at Municipal Hall. General election day is Saturday, November 15th from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm in the community gym at George Elliot Secondary School.

“The elector registration takes place at the time of voting; so voters need to bring two pieces of ID, at least one with a signature, to the polling station to prove residency and identity,” said Reyna Seabrook, Chief Election Officer.  “Qualified voters must be at least 18 years old on voting day, a Canadian citizen, must have lived in BC for at least six months before voting day, and lived or owned property in Lake Country for at least 30 days before voting day.”

Mail ballots were also sent out November 5th to all that had registered to vote by mail.

“If you own property in Lake Country but live elsewhere in BC, you can vote as a resident where you live and as a Non-Resident Property Elector in Lake Country,” offered Seabrook.  “Non-resident property electors can vote if they have a signed consent form from a majority of registered owners – if the property is jointly owned. However, if a corporation or business is listed on title, none of the owners are eligible to vote.”

For forms or more information about the election process and candidates, please see and click on the 2014 Election QuickLink; or contact the Chief Election Officer at 250-766-5650 (x206).