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Central Okanagan School District restructures senior staff

In an effort to streamline senior staffing resources, SD 23 announces shifting roles for senior staff
The Central Okanagan School District has announced a restructuring of its senior staff to move forward with changes in BC education.

The Central Okanagan School Board has shifted the roles and responsibilities of its senior management team in an effort to get the most effective use of its resources and to support improved student learning.

The change in the structure will come into effect July 1 of this year and has been in the works for some time, according to a release from the school board.

"For some time, the Board of Education and District staff of the Central Okanagan School District have been moving towards a more collaborative approach (Integrated Learning Services Model) to more effectively and efficiently deliver services and resources to schools," stated a press release from the district. "This is especially important as districts deal with ongoing funding pressures."

The Ministry of Education has engaged the province's school system in a transformation including redesigned curricula, a new graduation program, provincial assessments and a new accountability framework that requires resourcing and human talent alignment to personalize learning for students.

"To ensure a collaborative move to the new model, the roles and responsibilities of the senior management team have been reorganized and re-designated," stated the release. "This new administrative structure provides a change of the operational authority that will ensure the most effective use of district and school based resources to support improved student learning outcomes."

Terry-Lee Beaudry, currently the assistant superintendent, will move to the position of deputy superintendent for the Central Okanagan public schools.

The following directors of instruction will be re-designated as assistant superintendents for families of schools: Vianne Kintzinger, Rick Oliver, Rhonda Ovelson, and Jon Rever. Eileen Sadlowski will be redesignated as assistant secretary-treasurer.

As a part of the reorganization to an Integrated Learning Services Model, there will be a repurposing of the central programs and services principal position to a district principal of learning support services and alternate education programs, and the addition of a district principal of learning technology programs to support the integration of technology into instruction and communicating student learning.

It is anticipated that any costs associated with the restructuring will be realized through achieved budget efficiencies within the district office as the integrated learning services model is developed.