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Calls again to bring down the curtain on Kelowna Community Theatre

Citizens for a New Performing Arts Centre requesting a task force to look at the matter
Kelowna Community Theatre is 60 years old and showing its age according to Citizens for a New Performing Arts Centre. (Photo/

A community group billing a new performing arts centre in Kelowna is again asking city council to break a leg on the issue.

Citizens for a New Performing Arts Centre (CN-PAC) had previously asked that a task force of councillors and expert community stakeholders accelerate the development of a performing arts venue.

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“We applaud the council for its determination to listen to the community, as a means of identifying key areas of focus for its new mandate,” said Myles Brukal, CN-PAC co-president. “We intend to be part of this process, and to underscore why the Okanagan urgently needs a better place to showcase the performing arts.”

Brukal adds that the task force would be mandated by council to explore key issues, such as the location, construction parameters, and financing.

“We’ve done the legwork and we know it’s urgent that we take the next step,” he added. “Establishing a Task Force would demonstrate the will necessary to advance this vital project.”

The 850-seat Kelowna Community Centre is now 60 years old, and Brukal noted that several studies have underscored the need for a larger and more technologically advanced performing arts centre.

Research commissioned by CN-PAC, and released on its website, shows that a contemporary and versatile 1,600-seat venue in Kelowna’s cultural district would bring substantial economic and other benefits to the region.

“As the population of our region continues to grow, so will the demand for the kind of top-notch entertainment that often bypasses Kelowna now,” added Bruckal. “It’s imperative that we build a new centre that will attract the great performances that our citizens and visitors deserve.”

CN-PAC is a volunteer organization, established two years ago to gain community support for a contemporary performing arts centre serving the entire Okanagan.

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