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Bobcats caught peering through home window near Vernon

A Coldstream resident filmed a wildlife encounter that walked right up to his window.

You never know who you might catch peering in your window.

A Coldstream resident was surprised to look out his window and find a family of three starting back at him — although this family was of the bobcat variety.

Hamish Dunlop managed to catch the encounter on camera.

One bobcat curiously glances through the window at Dunlop as Dunlop causally asks the animal some questions.

Then a second bobcat pounces next to the first, followed by a frisky third. One of the cats paws at the window, while Dunlop comments, ‘it’s like a nature show’.

According to Dunlop’s mother Roberta this is the fourth time the cats have popped by for a visit.

“We have new neighbours,” she commented on Facebook.

Jen Zielinski

About the Author: Jen Zielinski

Graduated from the broadcast journalism program at BCIT. Also holds a bachelor of arts degree in political science and sociology from Thompson Rivers University.
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