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‘Amazing things ahead for me and my family,’ says former Kelowna mayor Basran

Colin Basran was unsuccessful in being elected to a third term as Kelowna’s mayor
Colin Basran (right) speaks at a mayor’s forum on Oct. 13 as Kelowna mayor-elect Tom Dyas (centre) and candidate David Habib (left) listen. (Photo/Gary Barnes)

In the wake of a stunning election defeat on Oct. 15, former Kelowna mayor Colin Basran took questions from the media about his future.

“I’m still just coming to grips with these results,” said Basran. “I have not given it one thought.”

Basran said what he knows for sure is that he has the support of family and friends.

“There are going to be amazing things ahead for me and my family, and I’m looking forward to finding out what those are. Could I tell you what those are right now? Nope, I couldn’t.”

As part of his position as mayor, Basran was also co-chair of the BC Urban Mayor’s Caucus (BCUMC), which included 13 member municipalities. Nine mayors, including Basran, who were part of the BCUMC were either defeated or did not seek reelection. Basran was asked what his concerns were about so much change to the organization.

“I was doing work with my council colleagues and mayors across the province to make change for everybody in this province,” he said. “The work that I had been a part of with the BCUMC helped get people housed, helped get them supports, and helped change our justice system so people will face consequences for their actions.”

Basran added that he had no doubt the BCUMC would continue to do important work.

According to unofficial results on the City of Kelowna website, Basran garnered 10,821 votes (31.7 per cent) to Tom Dyas’ 21,110 (62.17 percent). Official election results will be made available Oct. 19.

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