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Four rescued, one missing after fishing vessel sinks

One person missing after fishing boat sinks

COMOX, B.C. — One person is believed to be trapped inside a capsized fishing vessel which sank on Monday afternoon near Comox, B.C.

Troy Haddock, the maritime co-ordinator with the coast guard, says a call came in at about 4 p.m. that a 17-metre vessel had capsized with five people on board.

He says a nearby fishing vessel quickly recovered four people from the water but one person was believed to be inside the engine room when the vessel rolled over and sank.

Haddock says the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Victoria believes the unidentified person is still trapped inside the vessel.

He says the boat sank in water 262 metres deep near Cape Lazo and that the area has been thoroughly searched with no sign of the person or the vessel.

Haddock says the search has been reduced and is being treated as a missing persons file. (CKNW)

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