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Happy Leap Day from an Okanagan chipmunk

This year has 366 days instead of the regular 365
Happy Leap Day says South Okanagan photographer Curtis Zutz who captured this great picture of a chipmunk leaping into the air near Oliver, B.C. (Curtis Zutz photo)

Today, Feb. 29, 2024 is Leap Day adding an extra day to our calendar.

Leap years happen when one day is added to the end of February in order to align our calendar with the Earth’s orbit and prevents summer in November and other calendar chaos.

Once every four years, we tack a 29th day onto the end of February. A leap year makes it 366 days instead of 365.

The last leap year was in 2020 and the next one will be in 2028.

South Okanagan wildlife photographer Curtis Zutz posted the perfect picture for Leap Day of a chipmunk leaping in the air.

He said he captured the one in a million chance picture in the Willowbrook area, near Oliver.

According to the History Channel, around 5 million people are born on a leap day.

So how do you celebrate?

Many “Leaplings” (or those born on leap day) will celebrate their birthdays on Feb. 28 or March 1.

For Brock Noseworthy from Chemainus, he will always retain his youth.

He was born during a leap year in 1964 on Feb. 29 so he’s technically only had 15 actual birthdays, but is going on 60.

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