Lake Country Art Gallery hosts lecture series

Highly anticipated, the gallery expects a large turnout to the August series of lectures, as admission is free of charge.

  • Aug. 3, 2013 11:00 a.m.

In the wake of his first lecture’s success, the Lake Country Art Gallery is hosting Peter Green for three more Saturday lectures during August.

The series is entitled Art History’s Masters Meet Lake Country and will proceed at 3 p.m. on Aug. 10, 17 and 24.

For every exhibit at the Lake Country Art Gallery, gallery manager Petrina McNeill and curator Katie Brennan develop public programming to engage the community.

Last month Peter Green, a Queen’s University student, lectured on art history’s greats and their relation to the work on display at the gallery.

A highlight for many, Green’s lecture quickly sparked discussion.

In his lecture The Self Portrait as Therapy, Green insightfully wove a course throughout art history’s masters tracing the evolution of self portraiture.

“Artists like Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo and Picasso immediately became relevant to the work we had in the gallery,” said Brennan.

The success of his first lecture prompted McNeill has slate Green to speak three Saturdays this August.

“If you were here for his talk on self portraiture, you know you won’t want to miss these next talks,” said McNeill.  “For anyone else, I highly recommend that you catch his August lectures.”

Green’s first of the lecture series: Pride, Propaganda & Rebellion: The Evolution of Public Art, is this Saturday Aug. 10. It will trace Michelangelo’s David (originally outside Florence’s seat of civic government) through to the infamous political street graffiti of England’s Banksy.

On Aug. 17, Green will present Forces of Nature: Landscapes, Natural Disasters & the Rebirth of Springtime in Art as the gallery’s current exhibition From the Soot & Ashes observes the 10th anniversary of Kelowna’s devastating 2003 forest fires.

Green is expected to speak to Japanese prints like the iconic Great Wave of Kanagawa and their influence on Van Gogh’s landscapes. Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha and Canadians Ed Burtynsky and the Group of Seven will also be highlights in this lecture.

On Aug. 24, Green will speak to his time living and studying in the Netherlands. In this final lecture: Dutch Masters & the Ceaseless Golden Age, Green will delve into the likes of Hieronymus Bosch, Vermeer and Rembrandt linking them to the modern masters Van Gogh and Mondrian.

His lecture will also feature Dutch works currently on display at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

All these lectures will start at 3 p.m. at the Lake Country Art Gallery, 10356A Bottom Wood Lake Rd.

Highly anticipated, the gallery expects a large turnout as admission to all lectures is free of charge.