Defining Moments

We have this sort of old rule that when folks sit down to chat; never talk about sex, religion or politics. Of course, that rule is rarely lived up to, but it gets used a lot, particularly when the issue demands uncomfortable dialogue.

We have this sort of old rule that when folks sit down to chat; never talk about sex, religion or politics. Of course, that rule is rarely lived up to, but it gets used a lot, particularly when the issue demands uncomfortable dialogue.

Had we lived by that old rule, I doubt whether our Nation would have survived the many crises we have had. With great pride and sometimes heartache, Canada has survived wars, recessions, depressions, wage and price controls with run away inflation and the declaration of the war measures act.

We have suffered spies, treasonous activity, crooked Governments and confronted those who want to destroy this country we call home. This ability to manage our way through these difficult times is what has defined us as a people.

The world accepts that we are a compassionate people. We give generously to those in need and we are willing to send our sons and daughters into harms way to battle with those who would hurt our world.

Perhaps the most important element of who we are is our ability to do what is right rather than trying to placate the forces of darkness in this world. We have learned that gaining the respect of other Nations is far more important than seeking to be liked by those who are our enemies.

The illusion of being an honest broker is just a lot of hogwash. Better that we continue to stand and be counted as an honorable Nation rather than as a pawn for dictators to manipulate.

With this being an election year, we have an opportunity to define the kind of nation we want and the direction we want our leaders to take us. The average person can make a difference if every one of us participated in the political process to the best of our ability.

Not that long ago we faced a serious constitutional crisis when three federal parties made a backroom deal to grab power. The issue was to give taxpayers dollars to political parties. Think about that for a moment. You and I should pay to finance political chicanery?

Should the people of Canada choose to do so, we could clean up that left over mess once and for all. Yes, there are credible whispers about another back room deal by the coalition, but Canadians need not stand for any more shenanigans.

When any political party makes a deal with a separatist group, then we as ordinary citizens need to say stop… and we need to say it loud and clear. Canadians need to demand an end to subsidizing any political party under any circumstances. It is absolutely beyond the pale that Canadians should be forced to subsidize a group of people who want to destroy Canada.

Freedom to support any political view is one thing, but being forced to spent our hard earned dollars to finance anyone with their own special interest isn’t democracy, it’s plainly blackmail. If you have a view , spend your own dime. Don’t expect taxpayers to foot the bill.

Last time out we spent about thirty five million dollars to let these parties play their game. I for one don’t think we got a thing in return…unless you call headaches a return.

Democracy means the freedom to organize and support any political party of your choice. It is not a license to extort money from taxpayers.

We need every Canadian to stand up and set the agenda for the next federal election and not wait for spin artists in Toronto and Montreal to do it for us. It’s up to us to shout loud and clear so that every politician hears us. No more tax dollars for politics.

It’s time to tell them enough is enough! We can if we choose, define the moment when

ordinary people set the agenda for our Canada.

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