Sarah Eves has already stated she would like a ban on election signs. (File photo)

Sarah Eves has already stated she would like a ban on election signs. (File photo)

Letter: Liberal candidate says election signs have been vandalized and stolen

One supporter refused to take sign out of fear of intimidation

To the editor

When my husband and I staked the first Sarah Eves sign into our own front lawn on Aug. 15, I was excited to participate as a first-time candidate in a free and democratic federal election and to represent a party whose values I share.

Campaigning has been a joy so far.

Midway through though, I repeat my hope that campaign signs will become a thing of the past.

Not only are they bad for the environment but it is clear they are also a target for bullish and criminal behaviour.

Our campaign has experienced an unprecedented volume of signs being stolen and vandalized throughout the riding.

Instances include lawn signs being stolen from private yards in Kelowna, large signs along the road in Merritt being damaged, signs going missing or being trashed up and down our Okanagan communities, and many signs being removed and stolen throughout the Similkameen.

Just yesterday driving into Princeton, I saw a pile of four signs discarded along the highway that I was able to recover. We had a longtime supporter in Summerland refuse to take a sign this election cycle because of fear of intimidation by her own neighbours.

Stealing and vandalizing political campaign signs is a chargeable offence under the Criminal Code. Bullying and intimidation of campaigns and of your neighbours over political differences is completely unacceptable. Canada is built on free and fair elections.

I thank the public leaders, including fellow candidates and recently the mayor of Princeton, for publicly reinforcing this message. To paraphrase the mayor, the best use of your time is to vote.

I encourage everyone to make your voice count by voting. Vote, don’t vandalize. Our campaign will not be intimidated and will continue to focus on the values and issues that matter most to the residents of Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola.

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Sarah Eves

Liberal Party of Canada candidate for

Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola

Canada Election 2021