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Would you take on Canada’s longest waterway?

Hear from the Kelowna people who did, to triumphed over isolation, weather and more, Feb. 24 at the Laurel.
Paddling the MacKenzie River.

Come see one of Kelowna Museum's most remarkable presentations yet:  The MacKenzie River - Dehcho Expedition 2014, featuring Wayne Wilson and Bob Groves.  This Okanagan Brigade Lecture takes place Tuesday, February 24, from 6:30 pm – 8 pm in the Laurel Packinghouse, 1304 Ellis St. in downtown Kelowna.


In the summer of 2014, 12 adventurers drove north from the Okanagan and the Hinton, Alberta area to meet in Canada's Arctic. From there they began an epic canoe journey down Canada's longest waterway—the MacKenzie River. Draining fully one fifth of Canada's landmass, the sheer size of the river combined with its remoteness brought a sense of awe to every day of the expedition.


The route took them 1,500 km from Great Slave Lake at Fort Providence to Inuvik in the high Arctic, and at every bend of the river they faced not only new challenges and magnificent landscapes, but weather and isolation that was both dangerous and majestic.  How did they do it?


“The fact that Wayne and Bob and their team survived this journey says something about the power of positive thinking, combined with true teamwork and sheer guts,” says Christina Neale, programming coordinator for the Kelowna Museums Society. “As to precisely how they did it...come hear them and find out.  Theirs is classic storytelling; the kind that inspires. Exactly the type of thing Kelowna Museums is all about.”


Like Wayne, Bob and company, it’s good to treat our lives like an adventure. Never be afraid to paddle your own canoe. Come hear some ordinary people who took a most extraordinary canoe trip—and triumphed.





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