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Local family supports Jeans Day

The fundraiser for the BC Children’s Hosptial is held on May 4

Winfield residents Dalaynee and Tessa Millan will be wearing jeans Thursday, May 4.

Jeans Day is a fundraiser supporting the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Dalaynee was born with several conditions, including severe scoliosis, a sub mucal cleft palette, and atrial and ventricular septal defects (holes in the upper and bottom chambers of her heart).

The scoliosis needed monitoring as Dalaynee grew, so she visited BC Children’s Hospital every six months.

Luckily the septal defects closed on their own, but at eight Daylanee’s scoliosis required traction and scoliosis repair because the curvature in her spine affected her ability to breathe.

After the surgery, Dalaynee spent two weeks in the ICU before being discharged and sent home in a Halo vest; the Halo vest was replaced by a Minerva Brace six weeks later.

Since the surgery, the pressure on Daylanee’s lungs has been drastically reduced. While she is still fragile, she is able to cope without a wheelchair or brace.

Tessa said the children’s hospital has been incredibly supportive.

“In the ICU, it’s like one big family because you really get to meet people,” she said.

Dalaynee loves it at the hospital.

“We went down for a day and she was like ‘only for a day? I didn’t get to see everyone.’”

Dalaynee is the second oldest of five siblings and enjoys going to school. Tessa said the hospital workers have been super supportive during the recovery process, answering phone calls right away and getting back to the family.

“We’ll be wearing jeans,” she said.

Professional athletes Henrik and Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks, David Ousted of Vancouver Whitecaps FC, and Jason Arakgi of the BC Lions are official Jeans Day 2017 ambassadors. They will support and promote Jeans Day through a variety of marketing initiatives, as well as wear their denim-on-denim apparel on May 4.