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Lake Country residents treated to geology tour

Winfield United Church-goers learn history of rocks around Oyama
Geology doesn’t necessarily mean hiking into inaccessible locations. UBCO professor John Greenough started his tour with a large rock by the side of Woodsdale Road. (Jim Taylor - Contributed)

You don’t have to go far to learn about Lake Country’s geological history and on Sunday, some members of Winfield United Church were treated to a lesson.

Earth, environmental and geographic sciences professor John Greenough from UBC Okanagan led about 20 church members to various sites on both sides of Wood Lake.

“There’s a major fault line right up the middle of Wood Lake,” he said. “But there’s very little risk of a serious earthquake because the layers of rock are sliding apart rather than crushing together.”

He explained the layers on the east side of the lake, above Oyama, are estimated to be between 550 and 40 million years old while rocks on the west side are much younger, around 50 million.

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