Felines will strut their stuff in wearable art for Lake Country Art Gallery’s Catwalk on June 26 (contributed)

Felines will strut their stuff in wearable art for Lake Country Art Gallery’s Catwalk on June 26 (contributed)

Felines to hit the stage in wearable art for Lake Country Catwalk

Contest CATegories include movie characters, avant-garde, and cosplay

Calling all cat fashionistas.

Lake Country Art Gallery is hosting Catwalk June 26, a ‘wearable art for your cat’ competition.

Community Engagement Coordinator Rena Warren says there are a number of different CATegories to enter, including beach attire, formal wear, and movie characters.

“It’s all fun and everything, but part of it is that there will be cats available for adoption.”

The event is in partnership with Okanagan Humane Society.

“We’re getting into kitten season now and it’s very important that, rather than going to other places, adopting a cat from a rescue society is ideal.”

Anyone interested in submitting an art piece has until May 26 to contact the art gallery and fill out the contest form with details on their design.

“It serves kind of as a letter of commitment where they can write down what kind of wearable art piece they’re going to make; is it knit, what kind of medium they’re going to use. There’s also a sketch of a cat on there, so if they want to they can sketch their design onto it. They can take a photograph of a work in progress or an idea. Basically we just want a little bit of information.”

The piece does not have to be completed by the submission deadline.

On the day of, Warren says participants can either dress up their own cat or used a stuffed animal to showcase the piece.

“I have consulted with Okanagan Humane Society to ensure that they felt that this type of an event was a humane event. Naturally we don’t want cats being dragged down the catwalk that aren’t comfortable wearing a costume.”

Learn more about the Catwalk on the Lake Country Art Gallery website.

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