Can you help Comet? (OHS)

Can you help Comet? (OHS)

Cat’s leg to be amputated after found injured downtown Kelowna

Comet’s leg will have to be amputated

Dirty, cold and barely able to walk, Comet, was struggling on the streets of downtown Kelowna.

Spotted by a Good Samaritan who recognized the cat was in pain and needed help, picked him up and quickly called the Okanagan Humane Society (OHS).

The society rushed the feline to the vet where it was discovered his leg was broken in two spots. The cat also had ear mites but was very friendly to his rescuers.

OHS checked for a collar, microchip, or tattoo to find the cat’s owners but unfortunately, there was no identification.

Rachel, the Good Samaritan, said the cat was cold wet and limping but was kind to her.

“He came up to me very clingy,” she explained.

The cat, now named Comet, will have to have his leg amputated and requires medical attention including resolving his ear mites, neuter, vaccines, deworming and microchipping for identification.

OHS estimates the costs at $2600. This will include surgery, medication, treatment, regular health check, and daily care for Comet until he’s ready for adoption.

Once he is rehabilitated then Comet will be available for adoption.

As OHS is a registered charity, it relies on donations to help animals in their care. If you want to help Comet please contact or call us at 250-868-0525.

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