BrainTrust Canada selects a new CEO in Kelowna

BrainTrust Canada provides community rehabilitation for individuals with brain injury as well as community education and prevention.

Mona Hennenfent

Mona Hennenfent

Mona Hennenfent is the new CEO for BrainTrust Canada, based in Kelowna.

Hennenfent brings 20 years of senior management experience including her role as CEO of Deaf and Hear Alberta, a charitable organization with 12 permanent and 75 part time employees.

“I am looking forward to working with the team at this reputable not for profit association,” Hennenfent said. “Brain injury is one of the most significant health issues we have, and everyone knows someone who has been affected by brain injury – through a motor vehicle crash, sports concussion, fall, stroke, tumor or other means.”

Hennenfent is experienced in multiple sectors including corporate, education, government and not for profit. She is experienced with developing sustainability within the charitable sector through team effectiveness, operational efficiencies, social enterprise and fund development.

BrainTrust Canada is an Okanagan-based not for profit association that provides community rehabilitation for individuals with brain injury as well as a strong focus on brain injury education and prevention for youth.

BrainTrust Canada has provided community rehabilitation support to individuals with brain injury since 1986 in the Okanagan, and provides education programs for youth to reduce preventable brain injuries for this high risk age group.  For more information visit

Hennenfent can be reached at or 250-762-3233 ext. 110.