Noise steals peace, quiet and nerves

The world is becoming more aware of noise pollution and how it affects mental and physical health.

To the editor:

The world is becoming more aware of noise pollution and how it affects mental and physical health.

Sound is vibrations which enter the body, decibels perceived as pleasant or unpleasant, safe or threatening. Sound is unpleasant or threatening when we perceive these vibrations as damaging to our total health and well being. Kelowna is becoming unpleasant and possibly unhealthy in regard to noise pollution, more and more each month, each year.

I pay my fair share of taxes, utilities, strata etc., to live here in a residence close to the lake. Basically I pay many dollars per day just to live—period.

I don’t need the extra stress from noise waking me up on a Sunday morning, or obtrusive noise affecting my life in general when there are ways to prevent this increasing sensory assault.

There is no reason why one individual who decides to use a chainsaw to trim his trees, or mow his lawn with a power mower should be allowed to disrupt an entire neighbourhood. There are alternatives—use a quieter machine, ideally solar-powered and don’t do this work on a Sunday morning.

I’ve thought about all these things for years, it’s not an idea suddenly dawning on me.

The neighbour mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg. There are loud boats on the water, construction nearby for over a year and at least three garbage removal companies on this street scheduled for different days. Each day as the truck backs up there’s that loud annoying beeping sound.

Years ago there was one day per week of garbage removal by one company. That’s the price of competition—our peace and quiet.

The list goes on and on. Somehow, somewhere in history people equated noise with power and I think they were right. Noise has the power to destroy our peace and health.

We gradually create our own heaven or hell on Earth. In my opinion it’s not a place we go in the end—it’s the journey, not the destination. Let’s pressure our city council and get this problem resolved in our former paradise, our little part of this world. Thank you in advance for helping.

Valerie White,