Letter: Time for disgruntled few to stop bullying

The idyllic community, these rebel rousers like to portray Oyama as, was shattered once again at the Okanagan Centre Town Hall Meeting.

To the editor:

What has happened to Okanagan Centre?

The idyllic community, that these rebel rousers like to portray their community as, was shattered once again last evening (May 23) at the (Okanagan Centre) Town Hall Meeting.

The opening shouting and bullying tactics of two attendees in an attempt to set their own agenda, rather than the printed one handed out by Lake Country counsellors, set the tone and pace for the evening.

At times, it was made all but impossible for staff and council members to carry on. It was most disturbing, and left me with a bad taste in my mouth once again.

So much time and effort was spent on “what could have/should have been” (at least in the opinion of the noisy few) instead of spending more time on moving forward.

The removal of docks and structures along the Greenspace became the crux of the matter for some. They do not seem to be able to accept that there was never any so-called legal “grandfathering clause” for the docks. Check it out if you wish.

Six years ago we all knew (if we wanted to know) that the items would be removed and the beach front would be returned to the public. There should have been no reason for a petition and request to change that by the disgruntled few.

The mandate had been set and voted on and approved. The parks people were merely carrying out their job.

The RUOC dream that some continue to harbour in their own dreams, was defeated. No neighbour has a right in this democracy to dictate to another neighbour what style and size of home they can build. That decision lies with the government of the District of Lake Country. Let’s move on.

Thank you to staff and council for their innovative ideas in moving forward. There were some very positive proposals. Now if the rest of the community can just get on board.

We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful environments in the entire world. Could we take the time to focus on that and be civil, if not friendly to our neighbours?

Respectfully and most sincerely,



Sallie LaBounty,

Okanagan Centre