Letter: Pet peeves about other driver

…when the green arrow appears three to five seconds goes by…10 cars could have [also turned] they been paying attention.

To the editor:

Just a few pet peeves I have toward other drivers:

I think most people don’t know that you can turn left on a one way red light. For example one day I was stopped at a one-way red light on Elliot Road and Hwy 97.  The driver in front of me waited for the light to turn green when he had ample opportunity to turn left on the red.

I was heading into the Chevron for fuel as was he. I took the opportunity to say: “Excuse me sir did you know that you can legally turn left on a red light one way?” His response was: “I’m not in a %$#ing hurry!!!!!”  The man was older that dirt and probably should not be driving any more.

Next time you are out and about notice how most drivers use their turn signals just as they are about to turn. Had they signalled in advance of the turn more traffic could have proceeded.

Then there is the person in the front of the line waiting for the green arrow, when the green arrow appears three to five seconds goes by, they slowly proceed knowing they will get through the light, but not the 10 cars that could have had they been paying attention.

Danny Thiessen, West Kelowna