Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Letter: Jesus never forced anyone to believe in him

Throughout history so many religions have persecuted those who did not believe as they did

To the editor:

I can understand that people have a bad view of religions. Throughout history so many religions have persecuted those who did not believe as they did.

Religion was being forced on people; children were made members of religious groups before they were old enough to make a choice.

As far as a nation being called a Christian nation, I don’t believe there is such a thing. There are only individual followers of Christ who have made a personal choice to do so.

Jesus never ever forced anyone to believe in him but he did invite them.

Truth is eternal. Truth always remains truth, whether it is believed or not. You can disbelieve the facts about gravity because you cannot see gravity, but the truth that gravity exists does not change.

People who do not believe that God is the creator of the universe, all plant, animal and human life, have often made another god for themselves such as science, evolution, or their moral goodness, etc.

True Christianity has never forced its beliefs on anyone, but true believers realize that people need to know the truth.

It is because Christians realize the utmost importance of the gospel that they proclaim this good news to people so they at least have a chance to hear about it before they die and face eternal damnation without God.

Contrary to true Christianity, evolution and Darwinism have been forced as curriculum in the schools and textbooks, and they have forced any talk of God and Christ out. Children are allowed no choice, it is forced on them. Is that fair?

I would encourage a study of the bible to see how amazingly the predictions of thousands of years ago in the Old Testament are fulfilled in a very timely way in the New Testament through Jesus Christ’s, birth, death resurrection.

We now await the predictions of the end times when he returns for those who have chosen him.

Christ’s invitation is still open to all.

Evelyn Hees, Kelwona