Letter: Cities, businesses don’t take water conservation seriously

When you call the city about a main shutoff valve leak on your street, nothing is done for two days…

To the editor:

Good article in the Sept 14 edition. [Working to Change Attitudes About Water Conservation.] Much like the garbage we have floating around in the space above our planet, one shouldn’t waste water if one can possibly help it, even if you think you have a lot of it, like some might have thought you couldn’t pollute the space around Earth.

But it’s hard to get serious about conserving water when you call the city about a main shutoff valve leak on your street and nothing is done for two days, except a small orange cone being placed on the leak, which has since fallen over. They tell you to fix faucet drips as soon as you can for fear of wasting a hundred to two litres of water. In my estimation, they let run 25,000 to 30,000 litres already and no fix in site. Good grief.

Not to mention the businesses I see downtown on my way to work that are regularly watering the sidewalks and streets. Things like this cause conversations of water conservation to fall on deaf ears.

Warren Caruk, West Kelowna