Foul ball

I am a local ball player. I was at a ball meeting recently and had something upset me.

A coach from one of the other teams requested some more players for his team and the league instantly gave him some.

I was also in need of players and had mentioned it to the head of the ball league before the meeting. I also went out and tried to find players on my own.

I think I should have been contacted by the league to make sure I had the players I needed.

I’ve played ball for a few years now, and I’m not new to the league.

I’d like to know how it is determined who gets priority in making teams and what protocol is in place to help with these decisions.

I feel that I wasn’t given the deserved attention that others were because I haven’t been playing for as long as some of the other players.

Unfortunately, my team and I will no longer be participating in the league. I hope that those in charge will try a little harder to be fair to all before more teams and players are unable or unwilling to enjoy this great sport.


Ken Dehnke