A twister hits Lake Country

A twister has hit Lake Country! I had the pleasant opportunity of attending the Wizard of Oz at our local theatre on Saturday. My only regret is that I didn’t see it two or three more times.

What a wonderful performance from our local dramatists. Everything from lighting, set design, props, songs, great voices, great costumes, and even Toto. It kind of felt like I was on Broadway!

How pround can we be of such young talent being raised here in Lake Country.

Under the direction of drama teacher Dan Brochu the script was highly entertaining with just the right amount of “funny stuff.”

Oh yes, the Wicked Witch of the West was incredibly wicked and had all the flair of the Wicked Witch in the movie. She told me afterward she’d never seen the movie…hard…no impossible, to believe. Ask anyone who attended, her acting and her voice was as good as or better than the real thing. She was played by Ali Rood and she died the same as we all know it! (Remember the water that melted her in the movie?).

Dorothy, played by Ella Kuntz, was nothing short of outstanding.

Sweet, innocent and in another world called Oz. She must have sang at least a dozen or more songs and was the highlight of the evening. I smiled, I cried (happy and unhappy)…what a wonderful performance. I’m sure she had everyone, myself included, glued to our seats with the expectation of what was coming next.

The Lion (Jarred Meek) lacked courage and portrayed the part to perfection. He sounded exactly like the Lion in the movie.

Scarecrow (Marissa White) had no brains and flipped and flopped all over the stage…just like a real strawperson would. With straw sticking out of her everywhere. It’s amazing she had any left by the end of the two hour performance.

Morgan Wowchure was squeaky as the tinman but hardly seized up. Thank the heavens for oil and a great costume. I kind of thought he needed a heart and he finally got one!

The good witch was real good and displayed everything that a good witch would. Played by Miranda Roche she was elegant, beautiful and the part I thought suited her perfectly. Her costume was extraordinairy!

There are many more thanks to give you all but you know who you are. Pure words would not be enough. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful evening in Lake Country. Hold all your heads high for a job tremendously done. Dorothy, glad you got back to Kansas safely, the house was going in circles so fast!


P.S. I had to register a complaint before the show began. I put $10 on the counter for a ticket and the girl at the counter gave me $2.50 back. I asked why she’d given me change, as the tickets were advertised for $10 each. Then I noticed on the poster that students/seniors were $7.50. I had to ask which one was I…student or senior? I’m going to have to grow my hair back I guess!


Mike McGowan