YLW expects 100,000 people this holiday season

YLW expects 100,000 people this holiday season

The airport’s busiest time is during the Christmas peak

Despite the wicked weather, Friday afternoon was calm at Kelowna International Airport, but it may just be the calm before the storm.

That’s because according to Senior Manager Airport Operations Phillip Elchitz, airport staff expect 10,000 passengers to pass through the airport on Friday and about 100,000 throughout the next few days for the holidays.

Elchitz said delays and cancellations are unfortunate but they do happen from time to time, and that passengers should be prepared for the worst.

“I think it’s really important that everybody thinks about what their plan B is. What are you going to do if you arrive at the airport and your flight is delayed? What are you going to do if you arrive at the airport and your flight is cancelled?” he said.

“The most important piece is to arrive early. An hour and a half for domestic flights and two hours for international flights. Things are going to be busy, so things will take a bit longer than people are used to.”

He added that travellers can check their flight status on the airport’s website as well.

Elchitz said it’s also wise to keep presents unwrapped.

“The screeners will most likely have to take a look at those or might want to open them,” he said.

Elchitz added travellers should think about alternative transport to the airport as well.

“The parking lots will fill up so it’s important to think about other ways to get to the airport, whether that’s a shuttle or a taxi or just having somebody drop you off.”

To check flight schedules, visit YLW’s site.

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