Water reservoir at risk

Water reservoir at risk

OKIB asks residents on Irish Creek system to reduce water use

  • Aug. 3, 2017 3:30 p.m.

Water levels are getting dangerously low in some Okanagan neighbourhoods.

The Okanagan Indian Band is asking residents on the HOL/Irish Creek water system to limit their use as reservoir levels are at risk.

Checks on the reservoir Wednesday morning showed it was sitting at 60 per cent, and by Thursday morning it had dropped to 54 per cent.

“The pump is currently running 24/7,” the OKIB states in a notice. “If the water consumption continues at this rate, the pump is going to fail and the reservoir will empty.”

If that happends there will be no fire protection for residents in the area or water for personal use.

Residents are asked to:

– reduce and limit their water use

– spread the message with family and friends on the system

– alert the OKIB to any properties that are not following the request of no watering at this time

Meanwhile the boil water advisory for Whiteman’s Creek, Salmon River and Madeline Lake has been lifted.