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VIDEO: Sachin Latti departs from Revelstoke on his ‘Run to Remember’ to Victoria

Latti will leave Revelstoke on Saturday morning (Aug. 5)

Starting in Revelstoke on Saturday (Aug. 5), Sachin Latti will begin the arduous journey across the province to Victoria, running 22 consecutive marathons along the way.

“I think the most difficult part will be the mindset and making sure that my mind is able to continue going with the attrition,” said Latti ahead of the run.

After a year’s worth of training his body and mind, Latti is eager to lace up his running shoes and hit the road on Saturday to begin his ‘Run to Remember’. Arriving a few days before his departure, Latti ran around Revelstoke to stretch his legs ahead of his adventure and to acquaint himself with the town. He spoke about the run, his training, and why he decided to take on the biggest run of his life.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Latti, standing near Revelstoke’s welcome sign near the highway.

He continued running and began to look forward to the undertaking ahead of him, talking literally about the long road ahead.

Latti hasn’t done anything like this, nor have many people. Over the course of his 22 days, Latti will cover roughly 1,000 km and nearly 15,000 m of elevation, which is more than the height of Mount Everest.

While training, Latti has tried to remain realistic about what to predict of the experience. Stopping along the Columbia River on the east side of Revelstoke, he reflected on how he expects to feel.

“Some days might be good, some days might not be great,” said Latti, as he stood looking out over the Big Eddy bridge.

To help himself prepare, Latti followed the advice of one of his mentors, Sean Taylor, who advised him to ‘bleed in practice, not in war’. Latti has worked to test his limits in training, so that he’s not surprised by the challenges of the run when they arise.

To take on a test as big as Latti will, his ‘why’ had to be a bigger motivator than the many reasons not to do the run. For Latti, that reason was raising mental health awareness, and raising money for the Honour House Society, located on the coast.

Honour House Society operates the Honour House Ranch, which is defined on its website.

“Honour House is a refuge, a ‘home away from home’ for members of our Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, Emergency Services Personnel and their families to stay, completely free of charge, while they are receiving medical care and treatment in the Metro Vancouver area,” reads the website’s description.

The organization also says on its website that it receives no direct funding, and that all of its operating costs are maintained by donations and fundraising.

Latti summed his other motivator for the run up with just two words.

“The team,” he said.

He explained that the team he was referring to was the support from his friends and family, his followers online, and everyone else he’s met along the way.

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Running along Third St. to the lookout near the Revelstoke Community Centre, Latti talked about his fondness for the community he’s run into and for the cause he represents. Arriving at the lookout, the smoke from a nearby wildfire filled the valley. Latti spoke about how the Honour House Society also helps wildfire fighters, many of whom may use the organization’s service after this year’s devastating wildfire season.

“I think of them quite frequently,” said Latti.

Latti will think of the firefighters and other service members as he runs through more smoke-filled valleys from Revelstoke to Victoria.

“It’s nothing compared to what they’re dealing with. So, if they can do that, I draw strength on that.”

Latti’s ‘Run to Remember’ is just the first step in what he plans to accomplish in the years to follow. He has his sights set in the coming years on a run across Canada.

To learn more and follow along his journey, Latti will be updating his social media along the way. He welcomed anyone along the way to join him for a part of the run. Latti is happy to chat and eager to keep moving forward.

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