Sherman Drive, Greenhow pathway projects $100,000 over budget

A grant from ICBC for $55,000 will help offset the cost over-run

Construction projects are ongoing in Lake Country this summer.

Construction projects are ongoing in Lake Country this summer.

Planned improvements on Sherman Drive and Greenhow Road have been approved by Lake Country council, awarding a $627,000 contract after tenders came in about $100,000 over budget estimates.

But a grant award from ICBC for $55,000 as well as a few other projects coming in under budget, will mean projects earmarked to go ahead under the Transportation For Tomorrow Plan are moving ahead as planned.

The Sherman Drive pathway and Greenhow Road sidewalk projects came in over budget due to an unsuccessful grant application, but the recent ICBC grant is offsetting much of the shortfall, according to Lake Country director of infrastructure Greg Buchholz.

“Four years ago I was told to not bring any projects to council that were over-budget and the good news I think is that numerous projects later we haven’t had one,” said Buchholz. “But we do know the Greenhow and Sherman pathway did come in slightly over-budget. The good news is we were just informed that ICBC is going to contribute $55,000 to our Transportation For Tomorrow projects in stream now, so that will help off-set this.”

After getting council to approve the project tender—awarding it to Pyramid Excavation Corporation—Buchholz updated the current projects underway in Lake Country, in year one of the 20-year transportation plan.

On Woodsdale Road he said the underground utilities have been installed while curbs are being installed this week and paving expected the week after next. The Greenhow and Sherman Road projects will likely get going once school is out with expected completion before the next school season.

Buchholz’s report to council stated that some costs could be saved to make up for the budget shortfall by scaling down a future upgrade to Carr’s Landing road. But with the ICBC grant and other projects coming in under budget, he said the Carr’s Landing project will go ahead with the same scope as laid out in Transportation For Tomorrow.

“We’re still working on the design of the Carr’s Landing Project. Now given the $55,000 (from ICBC) I don’t think we’ll have to make much of an adjustment on that,” he said. “We will get to Carr’s Landing pretty much as we had anticipated.”

In terms of bringing the first over-budget project back to council for their approval, local politicians were thankful of the work that has been done on area roads in the recent past.

“Don’t beat yourself up,” said Coun. Rob Geier. “We’ve seen a lot of amazing improvements over the last four years.”

“We’ve had a bit of luck too, it’s been good,” replied Buchholz, alluding to grant support the district has received over that time.